Friday, 12 February 2010

Congratulations to αlĸαlιne мoυѕe!!!

A large round of applause for Carly! She also finished a wee bit ago on the same day as Clickmorephoto. Boo me for being so late with this post..! but Yay for Carly! Woo hoo!

And what a ride... Like many of us, she started this project wanting to learn a bit more about her camera and photoshop...never realizing how much more it would become. And she certainly became quite the master of photoshop! And who doesn't remember her post box series.... and the times she explored run down spots for a photo shoot.... and when she dashed out in the snow in a bikini! Brrr! And through out her project she shared with us her sense of humor and a sneak peak into a world of fantasy. And did I mention she got a double page spread in a local paper!!!

We have featured a few of her favorites from her project.. and in her own words she describes why...


"I was really pleased with this one because it was a great addition to my Postbox Portrait set and came out better than I'd hoped with the motion and the mail van in the


"i love this image because it was partly luck with my sister's hair blowing dramatically across her face, but also pleased with how the edit came out, and my sis's boyfreind loved it so much he printed it huge to hang in their house"

If there is a God

"probably my favourite of my Dirty Little Secrets urban decay set"

And here are a few admin picks and a link to her entire project. Congrats again Carly. Super awesome!

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  1. Diggin that picture with the cool question mark eyelash design.