Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Congratulations to click1morephoto!

Congratulations to Linda! She completed her 365 Project this week. I've enjoyed following her project very much. Her project set is filled with interesting architectural details, great perspectives and fabulous colors. Her macro shots are wonderful and I enjoy seeing her creative interpertations for the Macro Monday group's weekly themes. She has a knack for creating photos of everyday items and her stream has a great deal of variety. Her photostream is filled with lovely images and well worth a visit. Here she describes the experience of her project in her own words:

There are several people in our area who do photo walks together. One of these people mentioned she was starting a 365 project. I thought what a great way to learn more about photography. She completed her 365 in August - shutterbugCel. Be sure to check out her stream. When I started this project I made a point of always having my camera with me. There has only been a time or two that I forgot the camera and I missed a great shot.

Congratulations to Linda again! Although she completed this project she made the impressive decision to begin another 365 Project for 2010. We wish her best of luck and will enjoy continuing to see a daily photo in her stream! Below are some of her favorite photos from her completed project (many are the ones I found especially memorable,) and her 365th photo Here is a link to a slideshow of her work.

120/365  Field of Dreams or Travelocity Gnome on Vacation... 135/365 Simply a Cherry.... 148/365  Rainy Days and Macro Mondays....
192/365  Bursting with Color.... 282/365  Hop . Hop. Hop...Scotch... 294/365  Coyote in the Neighborhood....
303/365 Peaceful Evening.... 365/365...I have reached the 365 Finish Line....

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