Monday, 19 October 2009

Congrats to Lon!

A big congrats to Marlon Lontoc. He finished his 365 project earlier this week. And his project had a unique twist. All his photos were taken with his cell phone! His process was as follows:
Step 1) Use his cell to take a picture.
Step 2) Send to Flickr
Step 3) Picnik
Step 4) Repeat daily, till the end...
His life, 480x640 pixles at a time...

And he is continuing right on.... :) Below we have featured his day 365 photo and 3 of his favs. You can also check out his entire set as a slideshow with the link listed below.

Congrats again. Yay!

365 - The End (but not really)169 - Hushed Accent
172 - Tangerine Trees...152 - 24Hr Shadow

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