Saturday, 31 October 2009

Congrats to .eeicenbice.

Yay.. We have another member who has finished up their 365. Woo hoo for Erin! Big congrats to you ;)

Working as a PA we sometimes got a quick peak into what life is like in the ER. Long shifts and lots of coffee! Erin also shared some of her trips to Disneyland and her love for the beach through out her project. Gorgeous macros and of course I have to mention that she introduced us all to the coolest iPhone app ever. Shake It Photo! Thanks Erin.

Below we have featured her final photo and some of her favs.. which happen to be some of mine too. You can also browse her entire project on the slideshow below.


365!334: board books
235: yes, another cup of coffee photo232: a bit of green
329: through the sunroof

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