Tuesday, 18 August 2009

a big huge congrats to Purplemattfish.

Yay.. We have another finisher in the group. Matthew finished up his 365 project yesterday. Woo hoo. And while he is still not sure if he is going to continue onto year two.. he is keeping his options open, and snapping away.

Below we have featured his final photo, two of his favs and admin's choice ;). But be sure to check out the slideshow or visit his stream to see the images from the entire year. Heaps of creativity in there and he did some amazing work with lighting... which he was always willing to share. Many of his 365 shots feature a "set up" shot. Please be sure to go have a peak.

Why So Serious? - Day 365 of Project 365
How to make a fool of yourself with a banana skin - Day 228 of Project 365Midnight Gardener, The Snail - Day 11 of Project 365
Big ass shades - Day 256 of Project 365

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