Friday, 14 August 2009

a big congrats to Socceraholic !

Last year on August 12th (his birthday!), Abdulrahman started his 365 project. He finished up the other day. Yay! During this past year he was traveling quite a bit, so in his stream you can find lots of beautiful landscapes taken during those times. He also has some amazing b&w portraits and details of the everyday.

Below we have featured the photo from his last day, his favorite, his girlfriend's fav & a fav of the admin. As always was hard to choose. And since he missed a few days during this past year.. he just might continue through the end of the year.. but he also has some other photographic projects in store.
Congrats again!

342/365: As it's coming to an end.84/365: You're The One I Love..109: Runners, until the race is run... :)
100! ;D

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