Monday, 13 July 2009

Congrats to Tiago Ribeiro!

It's been a fantastic year in photos for Tiago Ribeiro and today he finished his 365. It has included some great series including phobias and addictions/bad habits.

He shares his thoughts on his final photo:

"So in the end, Project365 turned from being a self-centered project to being about the People that surround me and make my life as interesting as it is. I ended up photographing over 70 different people including friends, relatives and strangers. Remarkably, I also ended up documenting the most eventful year of my life, where lots of important changes happened!"

Read more here. Featured below is his final photo, one of his favourites and an admin pick, not to forget the slideshow of the entire year!

Day 365/365 - 365 Phobia

Day 351/365 - Photographobia Day 290/365 - 25 Years