Friday, 10 July 2009

Congrats to Mark Robson!

We have decided to feature a special posting for everyone in the group, once they finish up. Like a little party :) Since a couple folks already finished, we are going to play a little catch up this week.

A big congrats to Mark Robson! He finished his project on June 20th. Yay. Below are we have featured his favorite from his 365, day one, an admin's pic (was hard to pic just one!) & his last day 365. Such a sweet pic of his new pup Angel & his wife Heather. Congrats again. Woo hoo.

Day 310 - Faster Than Bubbles
Day 1 - DrinksDay 327 - Open To Interpretation
Day 365 - Heather and Angel

You can also check out his whole project with the link below.;)

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  1. Ooo, I like what you've done with the slideshow, good work Suz!