Tuesday, 5 May 2009

~ pwb's recent faves ~

The blog has been a bit neglected in recent weeks and many apologies from your team of bloggers. However, the good news is, we've got two new bods on the team, Amanda and Mike! Whilst they learn the ropes, I'll leave you with a handful of my recent favourites...

A, B, See, I'm not sewing my fingers! You gotta fast car - Day 125 of Project 365 230/365 Twenty seventy-eight
Little Boxes Taste of Own Medicine (124/365) Wray Village Scarecrow Festival 2009 - 123/365 02 May 2009 | #173 | Mind The Gap
little daisy 124/365.2 Some sort of flower Pushing Coffee at The Dark Lodge - Day 259 of Project 365 65:365: Wet.

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