Sunday, 25 January 2009

- suz or sooze's recent favs -

i was going to try to find some sort of common theme.. but instead you just get some of my recent favs from the past week. check these out and more in the group...
21/365 - Two of a kind (Explore Explored)5:365 Lucas and me in the colander 
Wings of Tin24/365 Take one down and pass it around 129/365 Yellow Summer, wish you were 53 of 365084:365 Orchids50.365/ playful
23/365:  “Almost all words do have color..." #22/365 - Ghostly intruder


  1. Hey, thanks! Wow, I'm in good company!!

  2. Looks Awesome Suz!!!

    Thanks you for thinking of me as I was thinking of Summer! :)

  3. thanks so much! although i didn't think the shot was much to bark about :)