Saturday, 24 January 2009

~ pwb's recent faves ~

I think I've managed to look through a whole day's worth of photos for the first time today. The group is getting bigger every day. So do your best to look around the pool and find your own favourites when you can. These are just a handful of mine from the last few days. Remember to leave a comment on Flickr if you like them too.

#58/365 - Fun with Windows (17) midnight visit -  01.17.09
23.1of365 Fishing hut Day 18/365: Spider Web Bokeh


  1. Thank you for including my spider web capture in your 365 blog. Totally brought a smile to my face. Happy weekend to all you 365ers out there.

  2. Great pic(k)s PWB :)

    I love coming here to see what's new! I also found some new faves for myself!! :)