Thursday, 9 September 2010

Congratulations to jfournierphoto!

Congrats to Jacques. He finished up his project on the last day of August. Woo hoo. And to celebrate he had a little party! Fun & fantastic cloning I'd say. And ooo look... I see the first 365 community blurb book in there too. Too cool!

Party !! (365 / 365)

Through his project, we got a peak into his life in Montreal, Canada. They definitely have 4 seasons up there! We also got to meet his family. Lots of beautiful candid portraits. And I noticed that Jacques would often look high up or straight down for his shot for the day. A fun point of view.

Below Jacques describes his project in his own words with a selection from his project in tucked in there. And at the end he shares his own favorites and tells us why.

What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?
Since I have busy professional and personal lives, my passion for photography is most often put aside by lack of time. I was looking for a way to get motivated to take pictures and a 365 project seemed like the perfect way to do this. Being forced to carry a camera and think of the daily pictures is a great source of motivation.

3D (278 / 365)

How would you describe your photography in just a few words?

It’s a very tough question to answer. As an amateur, I am still learning and experimenting different techniques and subjects, so I have not yet any blinders, I am doing anything and everything.

Fontaine - Fountain (326 / 365)

What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?
Even though I primarily do the project for myself, I was surprised to make some new friends along the way and also very pleased with the support I get from my followers! The comments and encouragements from my family, friends and colleagues at the office are so great rewards.

Glissade - Slide (216 / 365)

What did you learn during the course of your project?
The real struggles and challenges I got were to come up with something different, original and meaningful each and every day. It would be easy just to snap a photo here and there and walk away (I did sometimes.), but it's a lot more rewarding to create everyday!

En Haut - Up (297 / 365)

What are your future photography plans?
I will certainly continue to do projects, perhaps another 365 as they are great sources of motivation and inspiration, but not now. I would probably not make a career in photography but it is certainly a great hobby and a passion.

Ici - Here (225 / 365)

It’s hard to pick favorites in a 365, all the pictures have a story. But here are 3 of them...

This one was a hit and run, I wanted to have at least on with fog in my project, it was the perfect day but just had 30 minutes in between meetings. I literally ran to the location, snapped a few pictures and got that one. You need some talent to make photos like this, but luck is helping a lot.
Brume - Fog (52 / 365)

Staying creative was always a challenge, but thanks to the project I got to try and learn new techniques, like this drop or my final photo.
Goutte - Drop (67 / 365)

For this project you have to carry a camera all the time, and being always ready allowed some great moments like this one to be captured.

Pluie - Rain (250 / 365)

Congrats again to Jacques. Yay! You can check out the rest of his project below.

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