Thursday, 31 December 2009

Congrats to TheAmazingShrinkingMan!!!

Congratulations to Alan! He finished his project on the 18th of December. Yay!!! And not only did he finish this year.. it was his year two of a 365. His first year was a 365 selfie project. So ... way to go Alan! Since he wrote a really great email to me reflecting back on this past year, I thought I would just share it with you all here. :)

So in Alan's words
"I thought this year's project would be much easier than the 365 Days project I did last year, but I struggled much more this year. Last year, I always had a subject. This year, trying to find something interesting to shoot has been a real challenge, especially on the busy days at work. The two projects have also really driven home how shockingly boring my life is. Out of 700+ photos, about 600 of them are at home, at work or on the road in between. On the other hand, I've become much better at paying attention to my environment. I've always got my eyes open for an interesting subject and a creative way of shooting it.

Last year's project taught me how to effectively use a DSLR and this year I moved up to a much more capable camera -- a Nikon D90. I set up a basement studio this year, but I only took a handful of photos there. I'm still learning how use my speedlights in a studio setting.

Personally, it's been a big year. My younger son got into med school and moved away from home. My older son and I took an epic trip to southern Utah to photograph the canyons. I'm so happy that I have the record that this project provides. Every time I look through my photostream, the photos take me right back to the day I took them. That said, this will be my last daily project for at least a while. I hope to remain active on Flickr and continue carrying my camera around with me, but without the pressure of finding something every day. One project I do want to pursue in the coming year is scanning in a lot of my old film work and posting some of that.

Below we have featured his final photo, 3 of his favs, an admin pic and a slideshow of his entire project. Congrats again!

365 of 365
32 of 365218 of 365
190 of 365
342 of 36585 of 365

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