Monday, 9 March 2009

The Simple Life: Al's Favourites of the last wee while.

One of the things that has been developing in my photography over this 365 excursion has been an eye for simplicity. I used to just snap anything and everything that lay before me and hoped that one of my pics might be alright... but through this project I seem to have more interest in simplicity. The pics I have chosen this week are ones that really jump out at me as capturing the essence of their subject, and they are indeed powerful images! :) Well done to the takers!

173/365 Onion Rings {121/365} Fienning To Skate
365 03-07-09 pillars
117: Purple Post-It Pansy 067/365 Bob
The weald at your feet...Day 67/365 by carlag365

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