Wednesday, 18 February 2009

~ pwb's recent faves ~

More apologies for not being as active as normal within the group, I'm trying to get other things done in the evening besides Flickr. I have been scouring the pool and faving here and there though. It's also Mykl Roventine's birthday so please stop by his stream and send your wishes.

Day67 squares... 288/365
#85/365 - A clove a day keeps Dr. Acula away... 44/365: while my guitar gently weeps 99:365b I must try to love myself more 79 of 365 78.365 Dead Heads
#48/365 - A Celebration (of mints with holes, and other things) plank... 45/365 109:365 Playing with light

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  1. Long over due thank you for the shout out, PWB!